Program Overview

The Visiting Program is a fee-paying option accessible through either the Exchange Students Selection Process or direct application to the university. This program allows students to pursue studies at their preferred universities for one semester or an entire academic year as short-term/non-degree-seeking students. Visiting students share similar rights and responsibilities with exchange students, with the exception of tuition fees. Visiting students are required to cover both NTU and the host university’s tuition fees.

In addition to our partner universities, the Visiting Student Program has enabled some students to secure admission to prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and Stanford University, broadening the range of choices available to students.

Ways to Apply
1. Apply through the Exchange Students Selection
2. Apply directly to the visiting university
Appliction Flowchart
Exchange vs. Visiting
Program Agreement Internal Screening Process Quota Application Time Scholarships Fee Degree Obtain Credit Obtain
Visiting Student Program Anytime, depending on the selected program (except if applying through Exchange Student Internal Screening Process) Tuition in partner university is not waived and will have to pay one-quarter of the Tuition and Miscellaneous fee of NTU
Exchange Student Program Twice a year Tuition in a partner university is waived, but have to pay the Tuition and Miscellaneous fee of NTU
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