Program Overview

NTU has established a Memorandum of International Dual Degrees with several partner universities, facilitating the recognition of academic credits between institutions. Upon meeting the graduation criteria set by NTU and its partner university, students enrolled in this program can earn degrees from both institutions. This initiative offers students valuable opportunities for cultural exchange, encompassing language, academics, and culture, while also enhancing their international competitiveness through the attainment of local and global degrees.

For detailed school regulations, please refer to the document titled 國立臺灣大學辦理境外雙聯學位實施辦法 (in Chinese).

Temple University Dual Bachelor's Master's Degree

Founded in 1884 in Philadelphia, Temple University boasts 17 schools and colleges, offering over 540 degree programs, including distinguished academic achievements in fields such as Business and Management, Sports Business, Film Studies, and Psychology. Temple University accommodates approximately 40,000 students, maintaining a student-faculty ratio of 14:1.
In the DBMD program, students will spend three years in NTU’s undergraduate program and two years in Temple’s graduate program. Upon meeting the graduation requirements of both universities, students will be awarded a bachelor’s degree from NTU and a master’s degree from Temple University within a five-year period. This program enriches students through cultural exchanges in language, academics, and culture while enhancing their international competitiveness through the acquisition of both local and global degrees.
For more detailed information, please consult the slides presented by Ms. Irene Tsai, Managing Director of Temple University, Taiwan Representative Office, during the Temple University DBMD and Exchange Student Program Online Info Session.

The Temple University DBMD Program is a comprehensive dual degree initiative managed by NTU Study Abroad. Applications should be submitted through NTU with the necessary nomination.

Application Information (in Chinese)
  1. 本校學士班3或4年級在學生
  2. 學年等第積分平均(GPA)須達3.3以上
  3. 英語能力:
    成績須達TOEFL iBT 79或IELTS Academic 6.5或Duolingo 110分以上
    *申請福斯商學院者,成績須達TOEFL iBT 90或IELTS Academic 7.0或Duolingo 120分以上
    *申請媒體與傳播學院者,成績須TOEFL iBT 100或IELTS Academic 7.0或Duolingo 130分以上
  4. GMAT/GRE:
    申請福斯商學院者,需提交GMAT或GRE成績,成績百分比須達59-80% (依科系而定)
    *福斯商學院申請者可依歷年在校成績 (GPA)獲得免遞交GRE/GMAT的機會


  1. 請來信告知Jeffrey Huang敘明欲申請之學院計畫,以便協助與姊妹校核對身分、追蹤申請進度及辦理雙聯學位身分(須繳交本校行政計畫費新臺幣2,000元整,依《國立臺灣大學辦理本校學生赴境外研修要點》規範,計畫費一經繳交,概不退還。)
  2. 線上申請意願提出:
    Step 1: 線上提出雙聯學位申請意願
    Step 2: 寄送申請確認信至 global.programs@temple.edu.tw
    Step 3: 提出申請意願後48小時內將收到進一步系所指示通知email,如未收到,請聯絡:global.programs@temple.edu
  3. 正式申請資料繳交:
KU Leuven & IMEC Dual Doctor's Degree

Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum VZW (IMEC) was established in 1984 as an international research and development innovation hub specializing in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. IMEC conducts cutting-edge research in advanced logic scaling through collaborations with key partners in its core programs, including GlobalFoundries, Intel, Micron, SK Hynix, Samsung, TSMC, Huawei, Qualcomm and Sony.

IMEC’s headquarters are situated in Leuven, Belgium, and it maintains dedicated research and development facilities worldwide, including locations in the Netherlands, Taiwan, China, and India. Additionally, IMEC has offices in the United States and Japan. Serving as a host research institute for Ph.D. research, IMEC has established dual-degree Ph.D. agreements with Flemish and international universities such as KU Leuven, UGent and VUBrussel.

In the dual doctoral degree program, students are required to spend a minimum of two years conducting research at NTU and a minimum of three years at KU Leuven / IMEC. Upon meeting the graduation requirements of KU Leuven, IMEC, and NTU, students will be conferred with a Ph.D. degree from both NTU and KU Leuven. This program offers students valuable opportunities for academic, language, and cultural exchanges, along with the benefit of earning a highly competitive local and international degree.

Application Information (in Chinese)
  1. 本校博士班在學生
  2. 須在臺大就讀至少 2 年;在 KU Leuven 及 IMEC 進行研究至少 3 年
  3. IMEC PhD Admission Requirement
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