MOE Overseas Internships

Program Overview

To cultivate our future professionals with international vision and practical experience, National Taiwan University collaborates with the Ministry of Education (MOE) to select and send outstanding students to foreign colleges and universities for training or internships.

MOE Overseas Internships and New Southbound Overseas Internships
Application Process

Program chairpersons should apply to their respective colleges (including the College of International Studies, the Center for Co-Education, and the University Research Center) and fill out the project proposal form after preliminary review by each college and send it to the Office of International Affairs by the deadline. Each college may recommend up to three cases for the Overseas Internships Program, and the college will prioritize the cases for referral; there is no limit to the number of cases recommended by each college for the New Southbound Overseas Internships Program.

  • The number and priority of recommendations for the Overseas Internships Program: The review team will select up to 10 cases according to the review criteria and determine the priority of each prospective recommendation to the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  • If a recommended case is withdrawn after the Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced the approved results, the college to which the case belongs will be disqualified from proposing the project in the year following the withdrawal of the case.
  • If the implementation rate of the recommended project does not reach 80%, the college will lose the status of the project proposal in the year following the project’s closing.
  • If more than two of the following events occur in the first two years of each college’s recommendation, the college will be disqualified from sponsoring a prospective recommendation in the following year:
  1. After the internal review and approval, and before the University submits the proposal to the Ministry of Education, the student applies to withdraw the proposal, change the funding level, change the program chairperson, change or add new internship institutions/countries/regions, and the International Affairs Promotion Committee determines that there is no reason to do so.
  2. Failure to apply for changing the host of the program, changing the number of students selected, or changing or adding an internship institution/country in accordance with the key regulations of the Ministry of Education.
  3. The program chairperson fails to submit a report on the student’s experiences of overseas internships within the prescribed period.
  4. The program chairperson fails to submit the program report within the prescribed deadline.
  5. The program chairperson did not complete the write-off within the prescribed deadline.
  6. Any other matters that do not comply with the “Revised Regulations of the Ministry of Education for Encouraging Domestic Colleges and Universities to Send Students to Study Abroad or to Undergo Professional Internships Abroad”.
  • Review based on the content and past performance of the program (first-time applicants are exempted).
  • Priority will be given to sending students for internships in foreign companies or organizations with development potential or that meets Taiwan’s long-term development advantages.
MOE Subsidy Distribution Method
  • MOE Overseas Internships Program: After the Ministry of Education approves the grant and announces it, the International Affairs Promotion Committee will convene separately to consider the results of the grant allocation for each program.
  • MOE New Southbound Overseas Internships Program: The Ministry of Education shall approve the amount of grants for each project.
  • For terms and conditions, please refer to the “Revised Regulations of the Ministry of Education for Encouraging Domestic Colleges and Universities to Send Students to Study Abroad or to Undergo Professional Internships Abroad”.
2. 注意事項
  • 學海築夢計畫之推薦案數與優先順序:審查小組依審查標準遴選至多10案,並決定各準推薦案提報教育部之優先推薦順序。
  • 推薦案如於教育部核定結果公告後申請撤案,其所屬學院於該案提出撤案之次一年度,即喪失計畫提案資格。
  • 推薦案之經費執行率若未達80%,其所屬學院於該案結案之次一年度即喪失計畫提案資格。
  • 各學院前二年之推薦案件,如發生下列事項超過2項者,其所屬學院次一年度即喪失準推薦案之保障資格:
    1. 於校內審查通過後、本校提報教育部前,申請撤案、變更經費額度、變更計畫主持人、變更或新增實習機構/國別,並經國際事務推動委員會認定無理由者。
    2. 未依教育部要點規定申請變更計畫主持人、變更選送學生人數、變更或新增實習機構/國別。
    3. 計畫主持人未於規定期限內提交出國實習學生心得報告。
    4. 計畫主持人未於規定期限內提交計畫主持人成果報告。
    5. 計畫主持人未於規定期限內核銷完畢。
    6. 其他未符「教育部鼓勵國內大專校院選送學生出國研修或國外專業實習補助要點修正規定」事宜。
Application Forms
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